Gauravi became the first swimmer to swim 47 km in 9 hours 22 minutes

Nearly 15-year-old Gauravi Singhvi broke her own record by swimming 47 km in open swimming from Juhu Beach to Gateway of India on Tuesday after setting a record of swimming for the first 16, then 36 km in the Arabian Sea. She became the first swimmer in the country to achieve this milestone. Gauravi started from Juhu Beach at around 4 am on Tuesday and covered 47 km in 9 hours 22 minutes and 45 seconds till 1:20 pm. Many challenges were faced during swimming, such as garbage piles, fishing nets, small body-biting fish and strong winds moving in opposite speeds, but Gauravi achieved all the challenges.

– Coach Mahesh Paliwal told Bhaskar that Gauravi said that at the beginning of swimming, the dolphin continued with him for about 8 km. After 9 hours 22 minutes due to continuous garbage and fishes, when Gauravi came out of the sea, his whole body was washed away. Twice Gauravi also got caught in the net put to catch the fish.

These records are in the name of Gauravi

– First swimmer of the country to do 47 km open swimming

– The first swimmer to complete swimming from Juhu Beach to the Gateway of India
– the only swimmer in the country to swim
16, 36 and 47 km – the youngest swimmer to swim 16, 36 and 47 km.

Bhaskar was the first to tell
– Gauravi’s swimming news was first published by Dainik Bhaskar five days before swimming. It told her that in about nine hours she would cover such a distance.

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