Himalaya mountain range seen from Chandpur

Chandpur / Kadrabad. The lockdown continues in the country from 25 March. The third phase of the lockdown is completed on 17 May. Due to the lockdown, pollution has come down in the country due to non-running of factories, vehicles etc. Pollution particles are missing in the air. After the rain cleared on Sunday, the mountain range of Himalayas started appearing in Uttarakhand. This beautiful view of nature was seen from the roof of the house of Mohalla Kayasthan of Ravindra Kumar, Principal of Hindu Inter College. Retired Geography teacher from Hindu Inter College, Kubera Singh has described these mountains as a series of Himalayan mountains. Mohammed Tahir, geography teacher of MM Inter College Chandpur, said that the visible mountains look like the following Shivalik ranges of the Himalayan mountains. Which are visible due to no pollution. The Himalayan Mountains are considered in three categories. In which a great Himalaya, Second Middle Himalayas and Third Shivalik Himalayas. He told that air distance is less as compared to road distance. Mountains are visible due to reduced air pollution. At the same time, the hills of Kalagarh are also clearly visible from Kadrabad.

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