IIT Kanpur’s drone will monitor corona virus

IIT Kanpur has also come forward to tackle the Corona epidemic. The drone of the institute will not only monitor the virus to prevent it, but will also spray the medicine with the announcements in the affected areas. This drone equipped with surveillance is currently being monitored day and night in hotspot areas.

According to the IIT scientists, if the police and the district administration say, surveillance, night vision cameras, announcements and drug spraying will also be arranged in the drone. Apart from Kanpur, drones are being monitored in Delhi, Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Basti.

Pi-drones, an incubated company of the Indian Institute of Technology, and drones from the Weetall company based in Technopark, are helping against the corona. Ansar of Vittol said that drones are being monitored in hotspot areas including Bakanganj, Chamanganj and Bulk Mandi in Kanpur. Police are taking action against those who violate social distancing through videos and photos found from it.

He told that there is also arrangement for announcement and spraying of medicine, just a little change will have to be done. On the other hand, Pai drone director Rushikesh Choudhary said that soon and the hotspot areas of the districts will also be monitored by drones. It provides video and photo control room in the air for 20 minutes. If you see more crowds then you can zoom and show it clear.

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