It’s not bald, This is carona style

In the fashion era, it is common for people to change their haircuts and beard styles. Right from curtains to sports sector heroes have been giving new trends. Whether it is Kohli’s beard or the actor’s different hairstyles, it is not the fashion but the corona era. The long period of lockdown has given people the corona look of the hairstyle. This is a look of helplessness. Now Family Salon, Kids Salon, Hair Dresser. All is locked. Now our own home is the biggest salon and the biggest hair style is going bald.

If not sure, then look around those who go bald during lockdown. Somewhere half inch inch new fashion will be found, then somewhere the head shine itself will reveal the reality. The beard stylist is also at home. The sons and grandchildren are shaving the grandfather, while the trimmer for his own beard is doing his job as before. Yes, it is a must that the work of electric and manual trimmer has increased. The trimmer is now also helping to keep hair stylish with a beard. Mummies have also built a children’s salon. Extremely modern hair trimmers have also come on the market, but shops are closed. Some shops of Mix Grocery with General Stores have opened, where the demand for trimmer has increased.

Lalaram, a resident of Garibolani Road, always kept his hair decorated, but these days he is bald. When questioned, the answer was found – it is Corona style. There was helplessness. So I turned the machine. Sunderlal of Kalaka Road did the same. Somewhere live, somewhere home support

The closure of services of hair dressers, beauty parlors and salons during the lockdown has threatened livelihood of those who were involved in the hairstyle world. Some social affiliates have found great support for home service. Some celebrities and prominent people call their old hair dresser friends at home and take their services for cutting etc. with full protective measures.

The lockdown has made people in every region think in a new way. The fashion world is also not untouched by this. The trimmer is in almost all homes. Many types of kambas now fit in them, which can also be cut by keeping a little big hair, but do not expect the fashion that will be fulfilled at the salon. We have to return to the biggest pyre again, because our work is most affected.

– Hairdresser

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