Natural ways to color white hair

What you do not do to hide your white hair, try different brands of hair color or use different cosmetics on hair. Many times even if you are able to hide white hair for some time, the chemicals present in it cause deep damage to your hair.

In such a situation, you should try natural henna made at home, which will also color the hair, keep the hair healthy and the pockets will not be peeled too much.
Henna, curry leaves and sesame oil
This is a very effective way to give hair a black color. Put curry leaves in sesame oil and boil it and keep this mixture for one to two days. While applying henna to the hair, first mix this mixture in henna and heat it and leave it on the hair for two hours. Wash hair with pir shikakai or shampoo.

Henna with coffee powder is the
best solution to give a thick brown color to the hair. When dissolving henna for hair, first put half a teaspoon of coffee powder in it. This will make the hair color coffee brown.

Henna with camphor oil
heat camphor oil in an iron pot. Mix the henna in it and leave it for a day or two. While applying it, first mix hot water in it and then apply. This will not only darken the hair color, but also strengthen the hair root.

Hina with beet juice
Applying beetroot juice mixed with henna gives the hair a burgundy color. Apart from this, it is also the best conditioner for hair.

Henna, curd and tea leaves are a
great way to give hair a redish brown color. Boil the rosemary in curd, lemon juice and water and boil the tea leaves and apply it on the entire hair. Remove from water after two hours. Apply oil on drying hair and shampoo the next day.

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